Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Shot Mr. Burns - Ongoing Mystery

I have been a Simpsons junky for a very long time. I regret that I can no longer say I have seen every episode, but I can safely say I have episodes from seasons 2-12 memorized forward and backward. I could write a novel or two on The Simpsons and my different theories and thoughts, but let's cut to the chase with this specific detail that has been a brain twister of mine for years.

The end of the 6th season left us with a murder mystery - Who shot Mr. Burns? I noticed an inconsistency with this mystery and although I don't believe it alters the result and means of these joint episodes, it has become a puzzle that I cannot solve.

Let's start at the beginning. In episode 118 (2f12), Homie the Clown, Homer goes to clown college and learns to become a regional Krusty; it's a perfect fit as the two characters look alike (this was an intentional design from the beginning of the series that Homer has kids who don't look up to him yet they adore a clown that is a mere image of their father). So from this episode, Homer gains the knowledge to dress like Krusty the clown. He is almost an exact double, except for his nose and hair. Krusty the clown has a circle nose, while homer's nose is a large "U," and Homer's top tussle of hair is always off center.

In Who Shot Mr. Burns, Mr. Burns is shot and the town gathers around the sun dial in shock looking on at Mr. Burn's body. I am convinced that Homer is dressed up as Krusty and I have proof. There are some inconsistencies, but it still boggles my mind. Here are the facts:
  1. Krusty couldn't have been there for the same reason Smithers was absent from the scene: he was watching Pardon My Zinger (some Comedy Central show we have never seen).
  2. The nose. Krusty's nose is not a circle but a mere red coloring job of Homer's "U" nose.
  3. The hair. Krusty's top tussle of hair is off center.
So the question remains - why? What is the purpose of this? Whatever the answer is, it becomes greyer knowing that a minute before the shooting Homer was dressed in regular attire, making his dress change rather difficult.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PB Jars of DEATH

I'm a good guy. I am replacing regular light bulbs with energy bulbs, I bought biodegradable kitchen bags, and I recycle. So why do I risk the safety of my hands every time I try to clean out my empty jars of PB? I like to throw my to-be recycled objects in the bin nice and clean - PB jars are tricky, especially with their razor sharp inner rim. Whats with this? Let's say I wasn't even cleaning it, but merely wanting some PB and without a spoon or knife, I'd be forced to slice up my hands to score me some sweet, sweet goodness. SWEET GOODNESS! The peanut butter people need to know this is a danger and threat to all peanut-butter loving people.