Monday, March 16, 2009

LOST Babies

I was a late bloomer on the LOST train. That is the ABC show, of course. In fact, when it first came out, I thought it was a reality show with some sort of science-fiction twist. After finding out that it was in fact a real TV program, I became interested and soon enough, hooked.

There are some great  story telling concepts in LOST. The science fiction doesn't really become full-blown until season 5, so there is no reason to avoid it in fear of a nerd-fest. An aspect that I appreciate is the use of flashbacks to give character (knowledge of history) to the characters. This is much like The Nine (a cancelled ABC show) in reverse. Only LOST came out first and doesn't suck.

Taking place on a deserted island, I wondered how long a show could last considering you could only explore so much of each character's history... or could you. It seemed that every flashback revealed more twists and interwoven connections between characters. What if... just what if we explore all outlets of every character that the only solution left is to revert back to their infant past to reveal that they all attended the same day care as children. And that's what got me thinking.

With so many twists and overlapping tales between character's past and history, a door opened with an endless road of discovery. And by discovery I mean spin-offs. Every time Jack goes on one of his ignorant tirads I think back to his briefly explored childhood and how he was probably the know-it-all kid, spouting off his opinions as truth. And what better way to capture this? A cartoon spin-off of LOST featuring the characters as youngins in darecare: LOST Babies. Only instead of real actors it's a cartoon, and more specifically, a remix of Muppet Babies episodes edited as the LOST characters.

My favorite internet videos to date are the GI JOE remixes by Eric Fensler. Brilliantly funny and creative in their own way, I knew LOST Babies was a similar project, with one major problem: no creative control over dialog, being dependent on not just spoken dialog, but audio that is clean of jungle noises, music, and the ocean crashing.  If I am to remix Muppet Babies cartoons and dub over LOST audio, I will not only be limited to the dialog I can record, but I will also have to sit and edit through a vast, never ending supply of LOST episodes to slowly extract usable dialog.

So after building a small and gowing database of LOST audio samples and finding a chunk of Muppet Babies episodes (which are a hard find since they won't be released on DVD anytime soon for similar reasons as the fate of The Wonder Years), I have come close to the completion of the first three episodes. Who knows where this will take me from here. Only time will tell.