Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Lame Torpedo

It's been a funny year.  Subway started selling a selection of their foot-long subs for $5 each so Quiznos began selling a few of their grinders for $5.  Now, Subway is selling all foot-longs for $5. Hard to top that.  And then something interesting happened: Quiznos created a new sub - a seemingly foot-long for only $4.  

This piqued my interest.  Seeing I had a coupon for these new torpedos, I jumped at the chance to try this $4 sub for a mere $2, and sadly, it wasn't worth it.  There were 5 choices and I decided to try the pesto turkey.  They took out a skinny sub bun which was probably 8 inches long,  cut it in half, squirted some pesto goo on one side, a oily vinegar on the other, a dismal amount of turkey (which they measured to make sure it was a pathetic weight) and a few slices of cheese.  From there, it was sent through the toasting machine.  Once toasted, a few tiny pieces of tomato were placed on the sub along with unappealing pieces of lettuce.  And BAMN!  It was a completed sandwich.  How lame, boring, and unoriginal.  And the taste?  Seeing how there was very little on this sub to command a flavor, it was pretty plane.  And with the oil goop on it, it did very little to please my taste buds or health conscious mentality. Not worth the $4 as cheap as it is.  Goto Subway for a $5 sub or Chiptole for a massive $6 burrito.

Looking for something new and not more of the old?  Or maybe just something as good as, if not better, than subway and 10x better than Quiznos?  Don't fall for their antics, go to Cousins.