Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lemmings needs a Revolution

My favorite game hands down is Lemmings. It is a strategy game and has a multiplayer mode that is equally challenging with different twists. When the sequel was released (Oh No) and a brand new array of options in Lemmings 2, I was hooked for life.

Unfortunately, these games came out before popular gaming was widespread. I had my games on an Amiga 500, if any of you remember those. Commodore had the exclusive rights to the game until it was slowly developed for DOS and then to Windows. So when the iMac came out and Windows 95, the life of this game went the way of the Bulldog Rat (or Dodo, if you will).

When the new round of Lemmings games appeared I was ecstatic; until I played some of them. Lemmings 3D, Lemmings Revolution and Lemmings Paintball fell short of anything I wanted to play a second time. When the PSP came out, a new (normal) Lemmings game was released. But I was not tempted successfully to buy a game system for one game. Why exclusively for the PSP? By then computer games were hot and the current generation of game consoles were hotter than ever.

Then the Wii proved that the demand for simplistic styled games is high. Why not resurrect Lemmings for the Wii (if not for the Mac)? Why is this amazing franchise sitting in the dark when they can re-release the classic games as Wii-Ware and develop new games? Release the old games for Windows and Mac and release it as download only! How much money would that cost? As much as I would love to see the originals back in action on current gaming systems, I would love to see new classic-style Lemmings games, but so far, there is no word on this happening.