Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Crimes and Hot Tubs

I recently watched the Spanish Film TIME CRIMES, which was excellent. Not only a mixture of many time traveling theories, but a brilliant suggestion for a future Halloween costume. Make sure you don't read into it before watching, it's best if you have as few spoilers as possible. It's about an insane adventure a man partakes after accidentally traveling through time. How does he do this? And I am not giving anything away by saying this, but by stepping into a large vat of water, nothing less than a high-tech hot tub.

This brings me to an interesting discovery this week of a film trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine - a slapstick comedy about a group of men who seem to have traveled back in time by taking a dip in their Hot Tub. Connection? Probably not, but these two films do share a unique method of time travel.

As we are used to speeding cars and spaceships, it is often more fun to use a non-conventional mechanism: a vat of water with little explanation. This creates a gap theory and allows us to just accept it rather then have a fake theory thrown down our throats to try and believe. After all, the method just gets us to where we want to be, right?

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