Sunday, April 25, 2010

Behold, a Finger Lime!

The best part about having a gardening niche while living in Los Angeles is that you can grow just about anything. Nursuries have an endless variety of crazy flowers, vines, fruits and veggies - sometimes things you have never heard of. Searching online several years ago, I discovered a plant called the Australian Finger Lime. (Picture above is not my tree).

The problem with this tree is that it's nearly impossible to find (yes, it's legal). I couldn't find seeds to grow myself and all companies that sold and shipped actual trees were international-until I found Four Winds. I bought a 2-3 year old tree and had it shipped to me in July, 2009, making this tree anywhere from 3-4 years old (Maybe more, who knows).

To my amazement yesterday, I found my first ever finger lime! It's hard to tell by this picture, but it's smaller than a quarter, so it has plenty of growing to do. I may have to wait until next season to have a variety of fruits to create a massive collection like the one displayed below, but it just means I need to have enough crazy fruits to occupy my time with.

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