Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grilled Cheese à la David

In Lieu of grilled cheese month, my fiance and I have had some ups and downs (grilled cheese speaking, that is). With the last event a bust (see past post) I had a fun thought. Why don't we each make our own unique grilled cheese sandwich? Not that we need to compete for the better grilled cheese master hat in the house, where the loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore - it seemed like a fun way to end our short adventure of grilled cheese goodness. (That was a simpsons quote if you didn't catch it).

I wanted something simple yet totally, not simple. An onion grilled cheese. Simple. BUT, with homemade challah bread, homemade ketchup, and three different cheeses. YES! First step was making the challah. I've been making this same loaf for years and knew what needed to be done, but instead of making a braid, I would need to make a loaf. It turned out pretty good - except it's a fragile bread (at least the recipe I make is - good thing I sliced the bread at 1/2" - as thick as anyone will recommend for grilled cheese).

To make my homemade ketchup, I wanted to make it even more unique. I used organic tomatoes with an heirloom tomato. And best of all, the heirloom tomato was grown outside (so it's truly homemade). I've made my own sauce before, so I figured to make my own ketchup I would just need to add more sugar with a touch of vinegar. It was a home run except that it could have been a little thicker - no problem though. As much as I like to lather my condiments, this was probably a good touch to make a taste of rather than a dollop.

Then came the onions - I used both sweet onions and green onions (white part only). These were sliced finely and sauteed in butter. BUT - not just any butter, homemade garlic butter (freshly pressed garlic sauteed in butter). Once the onions were done it was time to get down to business. I took out my three cheeses: goat, cheddar and muenster. Before I went to town, I slightly buttered the bread and cooked THE INSIDES of the sandwich. That's right - you read me right. I lightly grilled the inside of the sandwich first. So I then made the sandwich - two kinds of onions with three kinds of cheese. Low heat, covered, and melted to perfection.

How did it turn out? Pretty good! (Bonus - bright table mats for the childhood theme). Was it worth the long prep time to make such a simple sandwich? you bet.

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