Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fruit and Veggies!

My Australian Finger Lime tree is doing great work. I bought this about a year ago online and it's just now starting to take off. When it arrived in a large box, it had a depleted root structure from shipping restrictions and I immediately placed it in a large planter. A single finger lime began growing a month ago, now the size of a large caterpillar, but now there are dozens of tiny fingerlimes! Grow my little ones!

Lastly, it was sad to cut down my first veggie plant that I grew from seeds in 2007. It survived a few winters and had quite a thick, wood-like trunk. Recently, some of it's leaves were turning into chalk-like leaf. I began cutting those leaves off but it didn't help. Soon, the entire plant was infected and it had to go. A week later, today, I notice that there are new branches blooming. Will this turn into something? I can only hope.

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