Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Passion Flower Experiment

I love to grow exotic foods and plants since I live in Los Angeles and have the weather to support any crazy seeds I buy online. I recently bought several different varieties of passion flowers (seeds, of course).

I first came across the passion flower at the Getty center here in Los Angeles. There are more varieties than once can count, but not only are they a fascinating plant, they come in a large variety of vines. (See more at WIKIPEDIA)

The instructions that came with the seeds were a little discouraging. Most stated that the seeds needed to be brushes gently with sandpaper, soaked in warm water for a few days (changing the water every 12 hours) and then placed in soil (also too, warm if possible) and covered in plastic wrap...for 30 to 50 days!

How was I going to do this? And then it struck me. We have an antique stove that keeps quite warm from the pilot light. We dry large pots/pans on this, leaving our dishes dry within an hour. Why not create my own mini greenhouse for passion flower seeds?

-soak seeds as needed
-cut small plastic drinking cups into small planters (cut holes in bottom for draining)
-plant seeds
-wrap toaster oven try filled with planters with a large ziplock freezer bag (slightly open)
-place on warm stovetop and water as needed.

I am on day 5 and nothing yet, but as long as I get a few of these to sprout (let's say, in less than 30 days?) I'll be happy.

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