Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Work Arnold Schwarzenegger into Terminator 5 (and beyond)

It is quite clear how to work Arnold into future Terminator movies.  His aging doesn't bode well with his terminator model, which would make no sense to utilize him as a terminator.  Unless Skynet creates a new model with the body of a 65-year old man, which makes no sense. The way I see it, we have two options, one more entertaining than the other.

1 - Use age reducing technology.  Similar to motion capture and what they did in TRON 2, Arnold can film scenes and the post-house can make him look 30 to 50 again.  I suppose with technology anything can happen.

2 - Arnold comes back... as SERGEANT CANDY.  Who is Sergeant Candy?  Arnold filmed a scene for Terminator 3 that was deleted, but was an entirely new character.  See for yourself here:

I propose that this clip be utilized for a future Terminator movie to then, introduce Sergeant Candy as a leader of the resistence.  Think of it - Arnold AND John Connor fighting together against the machines (now, both as humans!).

Done and done.

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