Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In my quest to backup the media on my computer, I found Carbonite. Yes, its one of may companies like this but they are the highest rated so I decided to give it a trial run.

Carbonite will not automatically upload your videos. I knew this going into it but figured maybe if I individually selected my folders (instead of my entire HD) it would work. No, it doesn't. I have many, many sub fodlers within all my photos and videos and it will skip all videos no matter what. Even with a paid account no matter what package you buy. So if you have videos on your computer and you want to back them up, you need to track them all down and individually select them for uploading.  Fine for anyone with a minimal hollywood movie library all in one place but for anyone with extensive home HD movies or just anyone who has videos not a single folder, its nearly impossible to manage easily.  Below is a conversation I had with a rep online to confirm my problem (March 2013):

Bottom of Form

me: i am using a trial period and havea question about backing up videos

CARBONITE REP: Hello David, one moment while I bring up your account.
me: thanks

CARBONITE REP: okay, I do have your account up. What is your question about backing up videos?

me: i know in the intro details that videos are not automatically uploaded - not sure the extent of that term so as part of my trial i selected one folder to upload

me: sure enough, it backed it up - everything except for the videos in it
me: i have a LOT of videos in a LOT of random places
me: is there a way to select a folder to upload and have carbonite back up the entire folder without skipping the videos? (they are home family videos)

CARBONITE REP: Unfortunately, no. However, within the folder and you select the videos for backup. You do not have to select individual files. You can hold down the apple or command key and click the desired files, select multiple files.

CARBONITE REP: Then select 'Backup' and it will backup all the selected files.

me: but the problem is, i cant go through my massive HD and find ALL videos individually
me: there is no way about this?

CARBONITE REP: Unfortunately, there is not a way to tell Carbonite to backup all videos.

me: its a massive collection of photography and videos, so i need to go through hundreds of folders just to FIND the video, let alone select them to upload?
me: what is the logic behind this? it would take me hours and hours every month to back up my work
me: these videos are not that large either, all under 100MB

CARBONITE REP: Are all the videos scattered or are they mostly within iPhoto?

me: i dont use iphoto
me: they are all scattered in a personal folder that houses all my photography and videos


me: all media is within folder of their own specific date, so i cant just go hunting for the videos for backup

CARBONITE REP: I understand.
CARBONITE REP: There is not an easy way to find the videos using Carbonite, but you could use 'Spotlight' and search for the common videos formats.

me: i am not going to search
me: i know how to search for videos
me: but the fact i can't just select a folder and upload it?
me: i am completely blown away that this - i literally would not be able to use your service if i am forced to manually hunt down all sub-folders with videos
me: this cannot be a unique problem
me: i can imagine this was created for people with hollywood movies or extremely large files, but im talking about photography and family short HD videos -- I cant go through hundreds of sub folders and single out what to upload

CARBONITE REP: Currently you do have to manually select videos for backup. We are working to develop more features for our Mac product, so it may be possible to easily select videos for backup in the future.

me: is there a manager who can relay this problem to who-ever makes decision about carbonite? all i heard was great things and now i cant even use your services
me: i literally want to give you money but cant


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